May 11th 2023 - At Microsoft Offices

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The Flow - Experience Day
Isabel De Clerq - Employee Engagement Expert
Isabel De Clercq Employee Engagement Expert

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In today's rapidly changing world, organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to optimize their operations and enhance employee experience. With the advent of new technologies and digital tools, there has been a significant shift towards automation and digitalization of workplace and business processes.

The Flow invites you to this exclusive event to take you on a journey of people and technology, filled with practical examples, real-life cases and lots of networking opportunities.



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Keynote by Isabel De Clercq

Experience the transformative power of meaningful physical and digital connections with Isabel De Clercq, a renowned expert in fostering productive workplaces. By empowering employees to be intentional with their time and collaborative efforts, Isabel helps create a culture where productivity and well-being harmoniously coexist. Isabel De Clercq is a passionate evangelizer of the delicate dance between synchronous and asynchronous work, connection and deconnection, focused work and mind wandering. It's her belief that this approach leads to a more sustainable and healthy relationship with work. Join Isabel in exploring the untapped potential of this vision and be amazed by the magic of true workplace transformation.

Isabel De Clercq - Employee Engagement Expert
Isabel De Clercq Employee Engagement Expert


The Flow's vision on the future of work

How do we see the future of work? We'll take you on a brief journey through our vision, based on the latest HR and technology trends. How will people, culture and technology intertwine? We'll go through topics like remote and hybrid work, automation, artificial intelligence, new forms of collaboration, well-being and inclusion.


HR track

People analytics: why, how, what

Why are people and data a match made in heaven? Discover how to you use HR and people data to gain insights into various aspects of the workforce, such as employee performance, retention, engagement, and productivity. Use people analytics as a catalyst to support and facilitate organizational growth and decision making.

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IT track

The relevancy of information management

Based on real customer cases, we will dive deeper into the "why" of information management and show you how it brings your organization further growth when done in the right way. Discover how proper information management with Microsoft 365 helps you define a quality strategy and governance on information structuring, protection, cleaning, lifecycle, discovery and intelligence.

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HR track

Guide your end-users with a knowledge platform on Microsoft 365

Support your organization's digital workplace users with a Knowledge Platform about Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook and related applications. The tailored platform is integrated in your own environment and contains more than 500 step-by-step plans and Quick Reference Cards about Teams, Planner, OneNote, Outlook, ToDo, SharePoint, Forms and many more! The content is customizable, and your existing content, videos and scenarios can be added. Regular updates are performed as Microsoft 365 continues to evolve… In short: attend our demo session and discover this efficient microlearning platform.

IT track

Spring-clean your Microsoft 365 with Rencore

Operating a secure, performant, and cost-efficient cloud collaboration environment is the dream for every organization. But how do you achieve that? Doing a spring-clean can help you! Learn how to get an overview and understanding of the activity in your tenant, save money on licensing and storage, prevent data leads and so much more!



Let’s grab a bite and get to know each other over lunch. Take your time to discuss, explore new possibilities and learn from one another.


HR track

How to improve employee experience

An effective employee experience will help in connecting with your workforce, provide insights into employee concerns, stimulate a sense of purpose, and support growth and development. An employee experience platform like Microsoft Viva Suite will help you create a positive work environment that enables your employees to thrive and contribute to the company's success.


IT track

Generative AI in Enterprise context

What about all these new generative AI models? It is said these AI will have a profound impact on our daily lives and definitely on the way we work. Microsoft is in the middle of this revolution with Microsoft Copilot, Azure Open AI, GPT 4,… We will guide you through what is already in place, what the near future will bring and how you can benefit from all this.

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The latest Work Trend Index by Microsoft

The Microsoft Work Trend Index is a research initiative by Microsoft that aims to understand and analyze the evolving landscape of remote, hybrid, and in-person work. The index combines insights from various sources, including data from Microsoft 365, employee surveys, and research from academic institutions and think tanks. By analyzing trends in productivity, collaboration, employee engagement, and well-being, the index provides insights into how work is changing and helps organizations adapt to the new reality.

Patrick Viaene - Microsoft 365 BG Lead
Patrick Viaene Microsoft 365 BG Lead


The power of citizen development

Citizen development is driven by the use of low-code or no-code platforms like MS Power Platform. Thanks to visual interfaces and pre-built modules, non-IT employees can easily build applications. But how powerful is it? Can it really democratize the entire software development process? Based on actual customer cases you'll get a realistic view on the pains and gains of citizen development. What are potential pitfalls and how can you mitigate them? And what will Microsoft Copilot bring for the future of (citizen) development?

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